The VIII International Exhibition of Armament, Military Equipment and Ammunition

FSE "NTIMT" State Armament and Military Equipment Demonstration and Exhibition Center

In 1998-1999 under the initiative of Russian Ammunition Agency and the Government of Sverdlovsk region was established an Exhibition Center on the basis of Federal State Enterprise "Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing" (further FSE "NTIMT"), which, according to the Order of the Government of Russian Federation №1704-r from October 22, 1999 became State Armament and Military Equipment Demonstration and Exhibition Center.

Objective conditions to create such Exhibition complex exactly in Nizhny Tagil were that in Ural economical region (the Republic of Bashkortostan and Udmurtia, Kurgan, Orenburg, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk regions) are situated more than 170 enterprises (including scientific and research institutes and design bureaus) of Russian Federation defense complex, that produce more than 70% of usual armament and ammunition. Russian enterprises can demonstrate here all the spectrum of their production in action, including demonstration of combat and running characteristics.

Exhibitions held in Nizhny Tagil showed that originality of FSE “NTIMT” Exhibition complex is in the fact, that all parts of exhibitions activities are united into one entire complex. All these determine the total success of the exhibitions. During the exhibitions a unique measuring equipment of FSE "NTIMT" can be used to test different kinds of land, navy and air ammunition and systems.


Measuring complexes, including radio, optical-electronic, telemetric and other radio electronic systems that allow to measure changing function parameters of ammunition and armament systems, for example:

  • ammunition trajectory parameters (velocity, coordinates);
  • ammunition movement in the barrel, shooting pressure;
  • target hit effectiveness;
  • systems state when firing;
  • operation parameters of the ammunition elements at a target and along the trajectory.

Information center consist of video network, microwave lines of communication, relays, commutation and information output equipment that allows to get in real time visual information of firing results at different targets up to 50 km away. There are no such exhibition information centers all over Russia and abroad as well.

Outside the exhibiting center FSE “NTIMT” has units that can be used for a single demonstration of military equipment and ammunition tests:

  • flight-testing base with the airfield and a park of planes SU–17, SU–22, MIG–29 and helicopters MI–8 and MI–24;
  • testing-measuring complex at the testing ground route for air ammunition with bomb fields, watching and registration points;
  • ship deck artillery automatic installations of 57-130 mm caliber for navy ammunition testing and shots as a whole;
  • armor shooting gallery for testing armor, armor-piercing and hollow-charge projectiles and close-combat means and armor protection.

FSE "NTIMT" cooperates under contracts and permanently with 120 Russian enterprises, designers and manufacturers of general arms and ammunition, performs in their interest researches, tests and demonstrations.

FSE "NTIMT" unique Exhibition Center is an entire complex, which consists of:

  • Pavilions for indoor exposition and outdoor exposition areas;
  • Testing route with obstacles to demonstrate running characteristics of military armored and special vehicles;
  • Technical positions to prepare armament, vehicles and ammunitions for demonstrations;
  • Firing positions with battle field which is 1,5 km wide and 50 km long for ammunition demonstration by firings and launches;
  • Waterdrome to demonstrate military vehicles capability of water obstacles overcoming;
  • Shooting range to demonstrate combat and technical capability of small arms at a distance from 25 up to 1000 meters;
  • Flight-testing base with airfield, park of planes and helicopters;
  • Special grounds to demonstrate rescue and safe facilities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense;
  • Multichannel television complex providing in real time the visual information of firing results at targets up to 50 km away;
  • Tribunes to watch demonstration of military equipment and ammunition;
  • Service areas for visitors and participants;
  • Parking lots for visitors and participants;
  • Demonstration railway to show rolling-stock.

Unique infrastructure of the Exhibition center and infrastructure of Nizhny Tagil allow to held the exhibitions of military equipment and ammunition at a high international level.

October 2020

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